` Weddings at Harry Warren House - Wedding Venue, Reception,

Fees and Services

Venue Fee
The grounds are all yours for the one day event (check availability) and as much time as it reasonably takes to set up and take down.    This is normally about five days but we will accommodate whatever is required.    For a Saturday wedding the marquee will go up on the Thursday, leaving Friday clear for the family, caterers and others to decorate and set up so that all is ready for Saturday.    The marquee usually comes down on Sunday.    Couples are free to bring suppliers and relations to see the place during the year if you call us first. If you would like to use the grounds for more than one day please arrange this with us as this will be an extra.
Venue Fee 20144,000
House Power
On the suggestion of an experienced organiser we have installed a 63 Amp plug on the house which should be sufficient to provide power for most events.    For all but the most electrical power hungry catering this 63A is sufficient and does away with the expense and noise of a generator.    In the unlikely (but possible) chance that the power company has a power cut that effects the house we have a small but adequate 40 Amp generator that will keep the party running.    This backup generator and the house power used is included in the house power fee.
Power Fee 2014160
Refundable Deposit
The deposit is payable when the booking is confirmed and the contract, as a License to Occupy is signed.    After the event when the grounds are back to their proper condition the deposit is returned.    So far a group of friends and family has come the next day to pick litter (mostly cigarette ends and bottles) and take away the marquee decorations that belong to them so the marquee is ready to take down and we have returned the deposit on the day.
Refundable Deposit400
We do not charge VAT.
Example Marquee
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