Accomodation - STUDLAND -
Corfe Castle

There are a couple of good hotels, a very good hostel, a number of Bed and Breakfast houses, some houses to rent in Studland and a very well situated Attic Studio at Harry Warren House> itself.

Harry Warren Attic Studio

Name Rooms Contact Web
Harry Warren House101929 450212HarryWarrenLoftStudio


Name Rooms Contact Web
Knoll House Hotel6001929
The Pig on the Beach2401929


Name Rooms Contact Web
Sandyholme32 beds01929
Brenscombe32 beds01929

Lodges and Camping

Name Rooms Contact Web
Coombe HouseStudio01929

Bed and Breakfast

Name Rooms Contact Web
Old Harry301929
Old Orchard301929
Bankes Arms1001929
Studland Stores201929 450204 -
The Old School House201929
Little Mead201929 450246-
Longmead Cottage301929
Rectory Cottage301929
Shell Bay Cottage201929 450249 -

Houses to Rent

Name Rooms Contact Web
Woodgate Lodge40208
Scoles Manor01929
2 Vine Cottage401929
Mimosa Cottage4
Coombe House Studio401929
Heathlands House1 -
Heather View4 -
Stable Cottage401929
Golden Sands4 -
Chalross4 -