Notes for Caterers and other Supplier

Harry Warren House overlooks Studland Bay and is a private residence. To find us take the gravel track between the thatched cottages and the Public Convenience at the start of the footpath to Old Harry Rocks. The sign says No Vehicular Access which is true for Old Harry but you can drive up the lane to us. The lane is quite narrow although a small heating oil tanker will come up it - just.

The middle wooden gatepost will lift out completely. This is a straight vertical lift as it is located in close tolerance pipe.

Rubbish, Bottles etc.

We have no facilities on site for disposing of any rubbish at all. The terms of the hire are that the party gets the place in good order and returns it in good order. This means that the disposal of rubbish is entirely up to the hirers. This may be achieved by eith hiring a small skip that can be placed on site by the garage, we have had many of these and they work well, or by making several runs to Swanage Dump next day. This also works well although of course the bottles have to be posted into the bottle bank one by one, but they will take all of the rubbish and this is a good way of leaving the place clean.

As a caterer if you undertake to manage all of your rubbish you must be aware that there are no on site facilies here at all and the near facility is Swanage Dump some three miles away. This means that, if there is not a skip on site, you will have to take it all with you or stack and package it so that the hirers can deal with it thems selves the next day.

Crockery, Glasses and Catering Equipment Hire

Our preferred supplier is Wessex Catering Hire. They have been coming here for years, look after the place and are a pleasure to deal with. They must be keen on pricing as most parties use them. We have had difficulties with other hire companies in the past who have not take the same care of the place.

Parking and Access

We have very limited (10 cars max) parking for staff and essential suppiers (photographer etc) and if more people try to park then it soon becomes chaotis and jammed. You should expect to carry most of your equipment and supplies, it is a short distance but we can often help with the lawn tractor and trailer. The lawn tractor also cuts the lawn so it can go anywhaere on the lawn - other vehicles are strictly forbidden from driving on the lawn.

Ample parking is available at the National Trust car park which is situated next to the pub. This is a very short, pleasant walk to either us or the Church and is well(?) situated for the thirsty or the nervous. If you are having a Church wedding this means that the car only needs to be parked once and it is easy to come from the church to us on foot. This is great fun and can involve an informal procession down the idyllic leafy lane led by the bride and groom. As it is a National Trust car park there is no fee for N.T. members but there is a pay and display system which is about 4 a day (spring 2012) 9 a day (summer 2019) for non-members.

Site Visit

If you would like to come for a site visit to check of the access and generally look at the place before the actual event just give us a call or send us an email. We are always happy to show people around and if there are any special difficulties that might arise we can put our heads together and solve them ahead of time.